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Brotato 3

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If you’re looking for a game with some raw action, lots of classes and weapons to choose from and extensive possibilities for upgrading your hero, Brotato 3 is a perfect choice for you! In this high-paced, action-packed shooter you will have to slash and shoot your way through waves of alien monsters attacking your home village. And though you might be just a potato, it doesn’t mean you can’t put up a fight. You can’t let them root you out of the very bed you grew up on, so get ready for a heated battle!

Gripping fights, cool weapons and tough enemies!

As for a potato, the main hero of Brotato 3 is rather well-equipped. The weapons at your disposal are both close- and long-range. The former ones are generally more powerful and can deliver damage to several opponents simultaneously. The latter provides you with increased attack speed (and respec-tively, distance), but is less effective in terms of damage and is generally limited to hitting one enemy only (and there is always a chance you can miss).

Although there are exceptions – for instance, if the gun has a piercing effect, the bullet will keep flying trough the monster and can potentially hit the next one (however, the damage will be less in this case). And the bouncing feature can also come in quite handy since the bullet will bounce off to an-other enemy (or a few) after hitting the initial target. There re also weapons with explosive missiles that cover a larger area and deal damage to all the enemies within the range of the explosion.

Deal with all monster waves and defend your home!

Most potatoes can carry around up to six different weapons. And they are all located around the character aka he is holding them all at the same time. How’s that possible physically remains a mys-tery, but your character is going to hit the closest enemy with the closest weapon, so you’d better think well where to place each of them.

It’s important to keep upgrading your skills and equipping your hero with all kinds of boosters since then most of the enemies will die even before reaching you and having time to deal you any damage. If the wave is particularly strong, you might have to linger a bit fending off the attacks of the alines without letting them hit you. How many waves will you be able to withstand? Start playing Brotato 3 online and see for yourself!

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