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What difference can you make in the world when you’re just a potato? Apparently, a lot! In this ac-tion-packed, wacky shooter, you’re about to take on the role of a cheeky spud who is about to chal-lenge hordes of alien invaders who dared messing with his home bed. As you fight your way through their creepy armies, you will be able to upgrade your parameters and skills, pick up some new cool weapons and generally have a blast!

Choose your potato!

The first thing you’ll have to do upon launching Brotato is to choose your character. There are sever-al potato species at hand, and each of them has their own strong and weak sides. For instance, if you play as a Bull, you’re very strong and can basically deal with your enemies bare-handed. And that’s why you also can’t use weapons which is definitely a minus. And if you choose Crazy, you’ll be attacking real fast, like 25% faster than all the other potatoes – at the expense of delivering 10% less damage when using long-range weapons. But hey, nobody is perfect, right? From the start, there are not so many potatoes to pick from, but as you progress through the game, you can unlock more. Next, you will be promoted to decide on your basic weapon. Again, each potato has its own set of weapons that are considered to be optimal for this particular character. But you’re free to change your arsenal as you wish after you earn your first solid bunch of gold to afford it!

Get into the fight and show no mercy!

Once you’re ready, you’ll be thrown right into the action. Your character will be moving around the arena dodging the enemies and attaching them with everything he’s got. You need to put as many of them to rest as possible on the spot, without letting anyone roam, because new monsters will be generated on the map all the time, and in a little while, they can spread all over it. Before you know it, you’ll be surrounded by enemies, so the basic Brotato rules is: you see a monster – you kill a mon-ster. Right there, right then.

Overall, every level includes 20 waves, each more numerous and vicious than the other. With every new wave, you’re about to face stronger, faster and more brutal monsters, including alien bosses that aren’t so easy to put down. However, you’ll be able to upgrade your hero between the waves and revision his equipment to see if you can put on any studier armor or cooler gun. So don’t sweat it, load your barrels and drive those green-skinned space bastards out of your home playing Brotato online!

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