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Shell Shockers

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Grab your guns and prepare for the ultimate battle royale experience in Shell Shockers! This egg-cellent shooter will have you cracking up in no time! Picture this: you’re an egg, but not just any egg. You’re a heavily-armed, trigger-happy egg ready to blast your way to victory against other egg-shaped warriors. How’s that? If you’re not afraid to get your hands messy, let’s begin!

Good old egg fight taken to a whole new level!

The gameplay is fast-paced and egg-citing. You’ll be hopping and dodging your way around obsta-cles while simultaneously firing off rounds at your opponents. It’s a total scramble out there, but with a little bit of skill and a lot of luck, you just might come out on top. And let’s not forget about the weapons. From the classic shotgun to the futuristic laser gun, you’ll have plenty of egg-splosive op-tions to choose from. Just remember to reload, or you might end up with egg on your face!

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