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Brotato 2

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We’ve already seen a lot of shooter heroes that have astonished us with their strength, determination and nobility. But you don’t have to be a buff special forces soldier, or a super agile ninja, or a thor-oughly trained sniper capable of wielding all sorts of guns and rifles to set out on a thrilling adventure with a mission to save the world. The main character of Brotato 2 is none else than a mere potato albeit armed with some impressive gear and weapons to take down an army of vile monsters threat-ening his beloved countryside. Under your lead, he will surely put every single monster on the map in the ground as a fertilizer!

Kill every single monster on the map!

The first wave of aliens won’t be that hard to deal with – they will be weak, slow and generally easy to kill. Just shoot right and left once another monster is within your reach and don’t let them come too close cause, as you may suspect, your chances of survival get slimmer in direct relevance to the number of enemies on the map and their proximity to your character. It’s not just because you may find it difficult to shoot them off en masse and maneuver on a small fragment of the arena, but also since shrinking the distance to you can enable them to apply their special attacks (if they have any) and considerably complicate the situation. So it’s basically about keeping the space around you clear and open in case you’ll have to retreat or buy yourself some time while reloading your guns.

Upgrade your skills and gear, become the ultimate Brotato!

After the wave is over, you can spend the experience you just got to improve your Brotato, buy new weapons and all kinds of cool items in the store. You’ll be promoted to an upgrade screen where you’ll be offered four cards for upgrading your basic attributes. They are selected randomly, but there is a tendency that rarer and better cards are dealt as you keep passing an ever larger number of waves.

And yes, don’t forget to pick up any boxes that fall out of your dead enemies – you can put the gear you’ll find in them on your character or trade it for quite a handful of money. The items in the boxes are totally random too, so there is no way of predicting what you’re going to discover inside. But still it can come in handy – if not for wearing, then for selling. Now you’re all set to face another wave, and make no mistake – it’s going to be more brutal and intense! So pull your courage together and plunge right into the battle that never stops raging in Brotato 2!

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