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Brotato is a crazy shooting game where you control a reckless potato battling against hordes of alien monsters. No worry, your hero is armed with all kinds of weapons to put up a good fight. Your goal is to pass all the levels taking down wave after wave, upgrading your potato and improving his equip-ment. Good luck!

Kill aliens, earn points, go potatoes!

The gameplay of Brotato may seem rather basic at first, but thanks to a large range of weapons available, you certainly won’t get bored. Your character can carry six different weapons at once and switch between them to deal with your enemies. Combining melee weapons with long-range firearms will allow you to successfully slash and hack your way through any monsters that manage to get close to you while also keeping new waves approaching from afar at bay.

Every dead monster is not just a source of experience points – you can also retrieve fruits and boxes from their bodies. Fruits can be used on the spot to increase your health while boxes will come in handy later – you can find various cool items in them.

As already said, monsters attack in waves, and each one of them is more crowded and dangerous than the previous. You will have to maneuver and dodge a lot around the map if you want to stay alive and minimize the damage delivered to you. The tactics and battle style you choose will depend on the class of character you select at the very beginning. Each of these classes has its own perks and drawbacks, and it’s up to you to discover them while playing Brotato!

Cool weapons, awesome upgrades, lots of fun!

It’s time to get busy with upgrades! After every wave, you’ll have a little window to catch your breath and spend those experience points you earned on increasing four random parameters. And you will also be able to break those boxes you picked up during the battle and see what’s in there. The items you consider useful can be put right on while the rest can be sold to use that money for buying something you actually need in the store.

The range of weapons in Brotato is truly impressive. They also come with a variety of effects – for instance, there are piercing bullets, ricocheting bullets, exploding missiles and even life-stealing swords. Mixing it all together can supply you with some serious steel and fire power. So plunge into the battle right now, choose your potato and lead him to victory against the evil aliens!

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