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Heroic Survival

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This cute little hero is stuck in a crazy world full of monsters and obstacles. But you know what? He’s a total survivor! He isn’t going to give up and is determined to find his way back whatever it takes. Help him navigate through this insane landscape and stay alive as long as possible!

Will you escape this dream world? Let’s see!

It’s not going to be easy. There are all sorts of creepy monsters running around trying to kill you, and the obstacles are just nuts. Good reflexes and ingenuity will help you hold out, but it’s up to you how exactly to use your skills to reach your goal. You will have to make your way around surreal scener-ies, and each level is filled with hurdles and puzzles of its own. It’s much like getting lost in a dream from which you can’t seem to wake up. But if you’re quick on your feet and have lightning-fast reflex-es, you just might make it. So prepare for just about anything and embark on this wacky and fasci-nating adventure that is waiting for you in Heroic Survival!

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