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It used to be a nice and sunny day in the countryside. Trees were rustling quietly, birds chirping on them, farm animals chewing weeds in the garden and nothing bode ill. When suddenly there was a strange thing in the sky, and it was getting closer and closer, until it was clear – the aliens have come to Earth! Unfortunately, these guys weren’t very well-disposed and were obviously looking for a fight. And fight is what they are about to get in Brotato Premium!

Something you didn’t know about potatoes

So who do you think is going to stand up for our home planet? Maybe, the farmer’s son, a long-standing fan of Star Wars who has a light sword from Ali Express in his room? Or the ex-mariner coming here for weekends to boast of his good old army days to the neighbors over a bottle of corn whiskey? Oh no, all of them ran off the minute that UFO showed up. But there is someone walking boldly towards rows of ugly green creatures treading our earth and grass! He has a gun in his hands and he definitely means business. Wait, it’s a… potato? That’s right, and you’re up for some crazy potato action!

Step into the fight and turn your enemies into French fries!

Your goal in Brotato Premium is to guide this badass spud armed with all sorts of melee weapons and firearms around the map taking on hordes of monstrous enemies that will attack you in waves. Don’t underestimate these creeps, they’ll come at you with full force, claws and teeth bared, and they won’t stop until you’re mashed potato. So gear up and get ready for some intense action!

You start off with basic weapons, but don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to upgrade your abilities and armory. Besides, there will be way more than just one potato character to choose from, so you will be able to discover the strong and weak sides, special tricks and peculiar moves of each Brotato hero available in the game. So start fighting for the good cause and make sure those freaky monsters are off our planet for good!

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